Attempting to fathom everything in the universe (mecurious) wrote,
Attempting to fathom everything in the universe

So what does a 1/2 lb burrito REALLY weigh?

Went to Taco Bell and got a 1/2 lb. beef combo burrito for a buck-twentynine and brought it back to my office to snarf. While I was eating my Fiesta Potatoes (tator tots covered in simulated cheese and sour cream, yum), I decided to find out what the 1/2 lb burrito REALLY weighs. Put it on my digital postal scale and it came in at (drum roll please) 9.6 oz.. That is 20% bigger than the stated size! Aren't you pumped?

Alright, so I'm easily entertained. The only thing more pathetic than weighing your Taco Bell burrito - is blogging about it.
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