Attempting to fathom everything in the universe (mecurious) wrote,
Attempting to fathom everything in the universe

Anybody need a great espresso machine?

For a while now, i've been looking for a real quality espresso machine that doesn't cost me an arm and a leg. After doing all the research and reading the user reviews, I think the best deal out there is the Gaggia Carezza. They go for $259-269 on Amazon and have a great reputation for giving you the most "bang for the buck". Well last week I stumbled upon a store that had them on sale and bought the whole inventory. These are brand new machines (not returns or refurbished) in sealed boxes with full warranties. I'm offering them on eBay for a whopping $60 less than amazon's prices. All the user reviews and details are in my auction descriptions, so check them out! If you know someone serious about coffee, let them know!

My current machines (available in Silver, White or Charcoal)
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