Attempting to fathom everything in the universe (mecurious) wrote,
Attempting to fathom everything in the universe

Interesting story disappeared...

This was one of the top stories about Fahrenheit 9/11 in Google News yesterday:

Military, 9/11 families call on Bush to see Michael Moore movie
Newsday, NY - 10 hours ago
By DEEPTI HAJELA. NEW YORK -- President Bush and everyone in Washington should screen Michael Moore's controversial anti-Bush film ...

When I clicked the link, I got a blank Newsday page (everything there but the story). I tried it in multiple browsers and got nothing. Does anybody see a story at that URL? I also did a search on for the story (by author and the word "Fahrenheit" but came up empty). So why was the story taken down? Three guesses and the first two don't count?
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