Attempting to fathom everything in the universe (mecurious) wrote,
Attempting to fathom everything in the universe

Miscellaneous Geeky Things...

I think I'm gonna give up this LiveJournal thing in favor of
my own blog using Movable Type or Wordpress.

I'm now getting interested in CHEESEMAKING. It is another one
of those "ultimate science project" things which looks like a
LOT of fun and can result in cheese much better than store-bought.
Especially cool is that I found a local farm where I can buy
fresh Jersey milk and cream!

A very cool thread is found here:
. (it goes
on for pages and pages, so don't forget to click "Next Page"). It is
about a radical modification of an espresso machine portafilter that
makes a wonderful improvement in the espresso. It's called a "naked
portafilter" or "naked espresso". I think I'll have to try it.

I'm hosting and building the web site for Ted Kooser, who was
recently named the next Poet Laureate of the U.S. Look for it
soon at
How often can one say one had a part in working with a U.S. Poet

High school senior daughter Rivkah is a happy camper, having gotten
her braces off yesterday. The dimples are back! Now its time to do
the senior pictures with the nice fall colors.
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